Tree Stumps Surrounded By Small Stones

Chloe Stump Grinding Hazards

Stones and Stump Grinding

It is not uncommon to find a tree stump surrounded by small stones, as they are commonly used to decorate garden beds. Although these stones look harmless on the ground, one hit of the stump grinder can send these stones flying. Stones are dangerous to a stump grinder because they become missiles, flying in all directions at a force and can even break the tunstin on the cutting head of our stump grinding machine.

Before attempting to grind one of these stumps, we need to make sure all the rocks have been pulled away from the stump. Allowing enough space for our grinder to not come into contact when grinding. This can become a nuisance when the stump has a big root system hidden underneath. For extra caution we protect the area by putting up a barrier, just in case any stones are missed.

Golden Cane stump with small garden stones
Palm stump with small stones
Golden cane surrounded by garden stones
Dracena stump with garden stones