Stump Grinding Machinery

Small Portable Tree Stump Grinding Machine

Our small portable hand held stump grinder gives us the ability to deal with tree stumps in difficult access locations. For example on retaining walls or raised planter boxes.

Portable stump grinder

Large Hydraulic Tree Stump Grinding Machine

Our large Kanga stump grinding machine allows us to complete most of our work throughout Brisbane. Needing only 900mm access we can reach most tree stumps found around Brisbane.

kanga loader with stump grinder attachment

Narrow Access Red Roo SPH 400 Tree Stump Grinder

Our Red Roo SHP400 tree stump grinding machine allows us to get into narrow or difficult access job sites with more horsepower. Being 750mm wide it gives us the opportunity to get through most of Brisbane’s back yard gates which are on average 900mm wide. Allowing us to easily access the tree stump. The grinder’s design keeps the wheel base stationary while the grinding head pivots from side to side across the stump. Resulting in an easier neater grinding technique for our operator and more efficiency for you.

Red Roo Stump Grinder