Some of our Work

Bamboo Grinding in Pullenvale

Large area bamboo tree stumps

This bamboo in Pullenvale had been cut and poisoned and still alive after quite some time. We were able to stump grind out all the roots to stop the bamboo in its tracks. The clump was well established but it was not a problem. In some places we had to stump  grind down about half a metre to make sure all the bamboo roots were gone.

Tree Rootball Grinding in Samford Qld

Large gum root ball stump grinding

Tree stump rootballs are particularly difficult for the average stump grinding machine because they have a height limitation.

We have been able to turn every rootball we have come across into usable mulch.

Tree rootball ready for stump grinding in Kenmore, Brisbane

Rootball stump in Brisbane

This tree rootball couldnt be disposed of any other way. Stump grinding the rootball was the only solution.

Large stump grinding machine next to mulch

Our hydraulic stumpgrinder made short work of the rootball.

Completed root ball stump

Useful tree mulch was all that was left after stump grinding.

Tree Stump next to builder scaffolding in Toowong, Brisbane

Brisbane tree stump next to scaffolding

This stump was stuck between the fence line and builder scaffolding. Getting the stump ground in the first place would have saved time. Get the stump grinding done first.

Tree Stump Surface Roots in Bardon, Brisbane

Stump surface roots
Surface root system in Brisbane
Surface tree stump roots

Surface roots can be difficult to manage as they can continue to spread becoming a nuisance or even a safety hazard. We stump grind out the surface roots when we take care of the stump grinding. Unless you really want to keep them of course.

Tree Stump Surrounded By Paving in Oxley, Brisbane

Tree stump surrounded by paving. We had to be very careful to stump grind out the stump and not damage the paving edge.

Large Umbrella Rootball in Bardon needing Stump Grinding

Umbrella Rootball

This Umbrella stump rootball was the result of a typical Brisbane storm. Access was tricky. Could only be ground up with a stump grinding machine.

Broad leafed Pepperina

Can be a problem stump. Note the rapid reshooting

Broadleafed Pepperina – Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi is notorious for reshooting and being difficult to kill. Very thorough stump grinding is necessary other wise there will be shoots running all over the yard.

Golden Cane Palm Stump in Darra, Brisbane

Golden Cane Palm РDypsis Lutescens. The customer spent hours trying to dig out the palm stump for replanting. This shows the extent of the fibrous root system that was easily stump ground by our machines. 

Tree Rootball Grinding in Brookfield, Brisbane

tree rootball grind
tree rootball in brisbane

This tree root ball was an easy stump grind for our hydraulic machine. Turning these ugly looking root balls into very usable mulch.