Difficult Access

Restricted access examples throughout Brisbane

Difficult or restricted access requires portable equipment

In all these tree stump locations (difficult access) we could only use a portable or hand held stump grinder. The portable stump grinder is only 40kg’s and can be easily lifted, and manoeuvred into tricky situations. The trade off for using the portable grinder is much more reduced horse power. It takes more time to perform the stump grinding process. 

Dracaena stumps surrounded by delicate tiles which needed a portable machine.

These Dracaena stumps in Carina Heights were surrounded by delicate tiles.

Palm stumps in Brisbane planter box

Palm stumps in a raised planter box in Ashgrove.

Frangipani stumps in suspended garden

Frangipani stumps in a suspended garden in New Farm which required a portable grinder.

Palm tree stumps next to Brisbane pool

Palm stumps around a pool in Toowong.