St Lucia fence line stump grinding

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St Lucia is a suburb within the City of Brisbane, Qld, and is 6 kilometres southwest of the CBD. The suburb sits on a peninsula by a bend in the Brisbane river. St Lucia is famous for its proximity to the University of Queensland.

We often get calls for stump grinding in St Lucia. This medium sized gum stump was a problem for our customer. The fence could not be repaired until the stump was gone. Good access off the side driveway enabled a speedy job with minimal impact. Gum tree stumps are pretty solid and are best taken care of with as much horse power as possible. The larger machine that can be used the quicker the job. That of course needs to balanced by low impact on the area, taking into account gardens, turf and paving.

Tight Access Stump In St Lucia Brisbane

Chloe Portable Stump Grinder

Difficult Access Stump In St Lucia

Stump Grinding Brisbane had a call today from a customer who had no direct access to their stump through their backyard. As our company carries three different sized machines around at all times, we had the option to carry our small portable hand held stump grinder through this customer’s unit straight into their backyard. This stump also had rocks and cement very close to it. Our portable stump grinder only weighing 40kg allows us to get this grinder to narrow or difficult access stumps.

Metal Pole Next To Tree Stump

Chloe Stump Grinding Hazards

Tree Stump Next To Pole

In this picture we can see that there is a pole right next to the tree stump. We had to be very careful not to hit this metal pole as it could brake teeth on our tree stump grinder machine. We were able to grind the tree stump away using our small portable grinder which allows us to get as close as we need.

Palm Tree Stumps Next To Fence Line

Chloe Stump Grinding Hazards

Palm Tree Stumps Next To Fence Line

Stump Grinding Brisbane had a job where this palm stump was in between a fence and very close to a cement driveway. We had to choose particularly to minimise any chance of damage. We ended up using our Red Roo stump grinder to get as close as we could. Followed by our small Hand Held Stump grinder to get even closer to the fence line and cement driveway. We were able to complete the job efficiently and effectively without any damage taking place.

Fallen tree with rootball

Brian Tree Rootball

Tree Rootball

Fallen trees usually need the base rootball taken care of with stump grinding.

The root base of a tree is usually called a rootball. When a tree falls in a storm or is pushed over with machinery a “rootball” is left. Tree removal companies can mulch the timber trunk and branches easily. When it comes to the tree root base, that is a bit more difficult because its covered with soil.

We have the machinery and experience to turn tree rootballs to mulch and have done so for years.

Our stump grinder can grind all of the root base reaching up quite high.

Difficult Stump Grinding Position

Brian Portable Stump Grinder, Stump Grinding Hazards

Difficult access for stump grinder beside pool

This yukka stump was in a particularly difficult position in a narrow garden bed beside a swimming pool. We had to use our portable or hand held stump grinder to remove the tree stump. The decorative stones in the garden as well as the drainage grate added to the challenge.  Most stump grinding machines, and we are talking 99% of them  would not be able to get to such an area. Our portable stumpgrinder is able to be walked or carried to difficult stump grinding positions. We pride ourselves on having all access grinders. We completed the job to our customers satisfaction.

Steel Fence Wire Around Tree Stump

Chloe Stump Grinding Hazards

Steel Wire Around Chinese Elm Stumps

This situation where the weed tree, Chinese celtis (Celtis sinensis) commonly know as the Chinese Elm is growing at the base of a fence. In this case a steel wire fence.The Chinese Elm is a difficult stump at the best of times, let alone being entangled in steel fencing wire. If you spot one of these weeds growing at the base of your fence, do yourself a favour and kill it before it becomes an expensive exercise.

Tree Stumps Surrounded By Small Stones

Chloe Stump Grinding Hazards

Stones and Stump Grinding

It is not uncommon to find a tree stump surrounded by small stones, as they are commonly used to decorate garden beds. Although these stones look harmless on the ground, one hit of the stump grinder can send these stones flying. Stones are dangerous to a stump grinder because they become missiles, flying in all directions at a force and can even break the tunstin on the cutting head of our stump grinding machine.

Before attempting to grind one of these stumps, we need to make sure all the rocks have been pulled away from the stump. Allowing enough space for our grinder to not come into contact when grinding. This can become a nuisance when the stump has a big root system hidden underneath. For extra caution we protect the area by putting up a barrier, just in case any stones are missed.

Golden Cane stump with small garden stones
Palm stump with small stones
Golden cane surrounded by garden stones
Dracena stump with garden stones