Stump grinding machine using ramps

Tree Stump Grinding Brisbane

We are a Brisbane based business able to provide our customers an outstanding tree stump grinding and removal service. Over sixteen years of experience, has given us  the knowledge of every aspect of tree stump removal and stump grinding. There is no substitute for experience. When it comes to tree stump grinding in Brisbane: this is our specialty, grinding tree stumps, and tree rootballs, tree roots in gardens, on retaining walls, just about anywhere you can find a tree stump. We have large and small portable stump grinding machines able to handle any situation.

Professional, fast, efficient and affordable

We want to offer you the most cost effective services to deal with your stump grinding problems.
We have large and portable stump grinding machines that can help you now.

Fast, Effective, Efficient Stump Grinding.

Some of our work

Bamboo grinding in Pullenvale

One of our customers had some over grown bamboo that needed deep grinding…

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Tree Rootball Grinding

Tree rootballs can be a challenge. We have lots of experience with rootballs. You have to have the right grinder…

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Our Stump Grinding Machines

Without purpose built stump grinding machines tree stump grinding would be near impossible. We believe we use the most efficient and cost effective machines available.

Kanga loader with stump grinding attachment.

Kanga Stump Grinder

We love the Kanga stump grinder. It is versatile, maneuverable and fast on the ground. We have made some careful adjustments and modifications to enable much more efficient stump grinding.

Hand held stump grinder.

Portable Stump Grinder

Our portable stump grinder is able to get into difficult access situations. On retaining walls, down narrow access, stairs, even through your house or unit if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stump Grind?

Leaving tree stumps in the ground is leaving the tree removal process unfinished. Tree stumps are a trip hazard, a potential white ant nest, a visual eyesore and the perfect position for the right tree or shrub that you never have to touch.

What Is The Process?

Call us up and we will ask you some pertinent questions like;

  • How many stumps?
  • Can we have an idea of location on your property?
  • Approximate size at ground level, dinner plate, car tyre etc?
  • Species of the tree if you know it?

Do I Have To Be Home?

No you don’t have to be home. These days most people are working. We need access to the stumps and you to answer your work phone or mobile.




How do I pay if i’m not home?

Once we have seen the tree stumps and confirmed the price with you we will go ahead and do you job most times same day. Once job is complete we will email you an invoice with our bank details. You deposit payment directly into our bank account or call up and pay by credit card over the phone.

What if we miss a stump?

We guarantee our work and will be back at your property ASAP to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Can I do the job myself?

Of course you can. You can hire a grinder from a hire company and learn how to use it or dig out the tree stump with a mattock and shovel. Or you can call 3279 6955 and let the professionals do the job.